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How can I bring up the idea of tantra to new partners?

I find in general that this kind of sex leaves us feeling emptier than before.

Ons uitgangspunt bij Tantra Dating is ‘het gevonden worden’, niet het zoeken.

Wij geloven dat je voor de verbindende werking van de liefde zoveel mogelijk jezelf moet zijn. Wanneer jij puur bent zal de liefde ook vrij spel krijgen.

Psalm Isadora is the top tantra expert in the world and a highly sought-after sexuality, relationship, and trauma expert specializing in women’s health and empowerment as well as modern sexual education.

Question: I find that people are so stuck on the idea of sex as a purely physical act.

This begs the question that whilst the world we live in today has advanced significantly, why haven't some peoples' mindsets? Whilst we're all busy people, if not somewhat egotistical and complacent at times, this results in picking up bad dating habits.

However, if you're in the market to find a partner, here are 10 dating habits that you need to avoid: Being stuck in the virtual world - With so much of our lives happening online, where we meet and greet friends through social media, stay in touch via instant messaging etc sometimes it's easy to get stuck in this rut of ‘virtual' communication.

I wonder how many great relationships are sacrificed because of antiquated views and attitudes towards women's age and their fertility levels.In this retreat we deal with polarity as a way to create attraction and magnetism.We deal with questions of how to take lead decisively without feeling creepy and being fully open around people you are attracted to.Iedereen ziet elkaar zo echt mogelijk, daar zorgen wij met ons programma voor.Je hoeft deze dag overigens niet meteen te ‘daten’, het kan ook een fijne middag zijn om andere singles te ontmoeten of een gelegenheidspartner voor een cursus te vinden.But adopting your own negative attitude doesn't serve you at all.


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