Accomodating special needs

That the decisions I make in the moment, with very little knowledge, are not helping him.What I am expecting to hear is that I am spoiling him.What I am sure she will say is that I am too soft, too enabling, and too mothering.I am confident she will question how we educate, medicate, and communicate with him.This lack of understanding often places parents and schools in conflict and jeopardizes a positive school experience for the struggling child.

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New teachers will find this resource particularly valuable.Learning is a complex process which involves many skills which we often take for granted such language production and understanding, visualization of problems, coordination for writing, memory, attention, the ability to see, hear, the ability to sit still, and the ability to sustain repetitive activity for long periods of time.A variety of emotional, learning, developmental, and medical conditions can influence these basic skills and interfere with a child’s success and self-esteem in school.Every child has a unique personality and special skills.Keep your primary focus on each child's strengths and abilities as you work to make modifications and adjustments.The child's parents and professionals who work with the child can be a tremendous resource.


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