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His friendship with Tyler Oakley has spawned its own fandom, one with its own shipping portmanteau (Troyler, obvs) and the power to win the boys a Teen Choice Award.

Troye Sivan is what happens when you mix Lorde's down-under roots and alt-pop sensibility with Bieber's rabid fan-base and mainstream ambitions.

Here’s a weird Russian video that starts in a field.

It’s in the field for a while but then it goes to the river and in the river are some swans fighting or something.

Then the swans get all tangled up, what with their long necks and all, and it looks like at least one of the swans is dead?

But then the Russian people who are talking throughout the video untangle the swans and both swans are alive.

It's very interesting to listen to Blue Neighborhood (which I think is a great album), and overanalyze all the songs in it (specially Lost Boy). Troye: Fun is kissing boys and kissing girls sometimes.

I really like them being together, even as friends. I just feel like one thing I really cherish is that that lack of template that stressed me out as a little kid, like do gay people get married? Do they do that at the same age as straight people?

This week we have a young Australian You Tuber who’s made a very bad decision, a strangely disturbing video from a South African vlog superstar, an uncomfortable discussion of anatomy, and a strange happening in a Russian field.

His video, "The 'Boyfriend' Tag", with fellow vlogger Tyler Oakley earned them a Teen Choice Award in the "Choice Web Collaboration" category.

In October 2014, Time named Sivan as one of the "25 Most Influential Teens of 2014".

Sivan also used to regularly make You Tube videos and, as of 2 April 2016, has over 4 million subscribers and over 241 million total views. The lead single from the EP, "Happy Little Pill", reached number 10 on the Australian charts.

On 15 August 2014, Sivan released his first major-label EP, entitled TRXYE, which peaked at number 5 on the U. On 4 September 2015, Sivan released his second major-label EP, Wild.


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