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“About one week after the introduction, Piyawan brought me to a hotel and told me to do what the customer wanted for money. “That day, I was paid Bt1,000.” She said she had since tried to avoid Piyawan, who kept calling her to ask her to get involved in prostitution.

PATTAYA, Thailand (Reuters) - With mascots dressed as smiling fish and a police rock band, Thai authorities launched a "Happy Zone" at the weekend to improve the image of a city notorious for sex tourism.

The women were lured with promises of a better life, but were forced to work as “modern day sex slaves” until they paid back bondage debts.

She has since fought to expose the scandal and bring the culprits to justice.Sadly, Thailand also has a reputation for sex tourism – Pattaya being at the top of the list, boasting the title, “The sex capital of the world” and accommodating over 5 million tourists annually.The high demand for prostitution and the fact that this industry brings in billions of dollars each year to the Thai economy has caused many government officials, politicians and police to turn a blind eye to illegal activities– making it very difficult to crack down on sex trafficking.We’re also busy helping at-risk children and families through our various Prevention Programs.MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Twenty-one people have been indicted in what authorities are calling a sophisticated sex-trafficking ring that brought hundreds of women from Thailand to America and forced them to work as prostitutes.“These two women threatened to post a video clip on Facebook showing me taking drugs, which they encouraged me to try, if I refused to join the flesh trade,” the daughter of the complainant said on condition of anonymity.


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