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​Qasim, who writes regularly on diversity issues and is a member of Black Lives Matter UK, tweeted about the experience, writing that the question posed wasn't intended as direct criticism of Pinto's casting.Instead, issues were raised about how arguably poor the representation of black women had been in the episode screened, particularly in light of how crucial many black women had been to the Black Power Movement in the UK during the 1970s, in figures such as Althea Jones-Lecointe.The original version of to Comedy Central."In an age when people are forever judging individuals on how they look, placing attractiveness on a pedestal above intelligence, and forcing others to fit societal norms of beauty, why not make them do all of those things, to their loved ones, on national television and for money?Freida Pinto does not appear to have been moved to tears by questions over her casting in British Black Power Movement drama Guerilla, but seemingly more by the show's director and his account of his interracial marriage.(There are no statistics on how many people get their tattoos after a long night of boozing, but our guess is it’s in the .5 to one percentile.) Why are we telling you this?Because that’s a lot of freaking people getting their bodies inked.Also: 6 Ways To Spot A Good Tattoo Artist The good news for us is that people love taking tattoos of their awful tattoos and sharing them on this little thing called “the internet” — maybe you’ve heard of it?

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Michelle Mone’s plea for a Kodak moment ended rather differently to how she expected.

During a panel, in which the first episode of the show was screened, a discussion arose over the show's representation of black women, which previous reports seemed to suggest had been heated in nature and consequently led to Pinto becoming emotional.

Journalist Wail Qasim attended the panel and told "She was seemingly brought to tears by [director] John Ridley's account of his marriage to a non-Black woman, whilst a moment before Pinto had been laughing with some panellists and audience members at the Black woman who had asked a critical question." Several videos taken of the panel appear to show this, with the mood remaining non-confrontational as the critical question is posed by the audience member and Ridley begins talking emotionally about his relationship with his wife.

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