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Here’s how much less interested they were in the other races, as compared with their enthusiasm for men of their own race: Click here to read the whole article: Update: But wait, there’s some “good news” from those same researchers.A few days later, after looking at 300 reader comments, researchers sent some surprising news back. Eastwick, Inter-racial dating is the majority of what I have done since I began dating!A complication is that I will entertain such men in what I perceive as innocuous, innocent conversation, only to retell an account of it to my husband or friends, and they say, "He was trying to hit on you!" or "He must want 'some.'" Or something to that effect. are many white men really attracted to black women?In general however, they are still evaluated socially in a de facto caste system where the whiter your kids are the better off they will be, which is socially GENERICALLY true. If you were caucassian and lived for an extended period of time in Japan you'd come to consider certain features of local Asian women as attractive, not because all of the sudden it became so, but because we adapt our hard-wiring to the cultural and social valuations of those around us to our own condition in the hopes that our offspring will succeed. Well coming from a black woman this is what "I" think-and observe. I do think this is changing since there are more black women in/graduating from college and going on to professional careers.

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is it like where I live where the white men only like stick figures or can you have some meat on your bones? I wrote a post before about an educated black neighborhood because I generally like to hang with educated black females and have no problem dating educated black men, but i've been there done that and i'm ready for a change.

is it like where I live where the white men only like stick figures or can you have some meat on your bones?

lol I am recalling as a white male who lived there over 10 years ago, who was with a black woman: My experience of MN was of a very open environment that was inviting to all.

I’m a bit surprised at men’s openness to interracial dating.

While I’ve personally dated women across the racial spectrum, I’ve only had a handful of clients who ever expressed preferences for women of other races.


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