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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, Hawaii is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit on a budget.Whether you’re backpacking Hawaii, trying to achieve a dream honeymoon without taking out your first mortgage or you’re a family on a budget, you may be surprised to know that you can sleep for as little as a night in Hawaii.Party Chair Fritz Rohlfing intervened to stop the ruckus.

” expressed the sentiments of many of the several hundred people who attended Hawaii’s Republican state convention Saturday at the Filipino Community Center’s Casamina Flores Ballroom in Waipahu.

He sent spies to Holy Hell’s debut screenings at Sundance this January, and has instructed disciples to physically threaten former members who appear in it.

We spoke to Allen, who said he cried every day for four years making this documentary, about his Buddhafield experience and the harrowing, ongoing attacks of putting his movie into the world. All my friends, I love them so much — these are my close friends and family — they didn’t get to see the film until it aired in public.

There was also a darker side to his behavior [spoilers ahead]: He kept one member from seeing her dying father; threatened another with expulsion if she didn’t get an abortion; “suggested” that certain followers get plastic surgery (of which he’d had much himself); and held weekly, private hypnotherapy sessions that turned into years of sexual abuse for many of his young male devotees, including Allen.

When a flood of abuse allegations led most of his original followers, including Allen, to abandon him in 2007, the guru, who now goes by Reyji (which means “God-King”) simply rebuilt in Oahu, where he and a handful of his original devotees recruit new followers through yoga classes.


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