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Like most of the nudes in the exhibition, though she is said by scholars to be his girlfriend and later wife, she is anonymized, a scumble of dark paint obscuring her features.

After the breakup of the Nabis later in the 1890s, Bonnard moved on artistically.

If you want your pirate name to appear rather than your account name should you win, please be sure to follow the image tag instructions.

The entries will be judged in the Three Rings offices by the artists and developers and the winner will be put into future releases as a Limited Edition portrait background.

But the Legion presentation, put together by scholars at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay, which holds the definitive Bonnard collection, gives us a sense of a far more complex, if not conflicted, human being.

Historically, he was a friend of Odilon Redon and other Symbolists, and a contributor to the development of Alfred Jarry’s famous proto-Dadaist theater work “Ubu Roi.” Artistically, he made works scandalously charged with erotic energy: “Woman Dozing on a Bed” (1899) centers a woozy arrangement of room details and bedclothes around the dark juncture between a woman’s brazenly spread legs.

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If you are installing Photoshop CC on a separate, new system, you should upload your settings from your existing system and then download them to the separate, new system.We recently announced that we were dropping support for Mac OS 10.7 and Mac OS 10.8.You have the option to select [Update] to update individual applications or select [Update All] to update all your installed Creative Cloud applications.A good number of his many landscape pictures are included at the Legion, but his achievement was in his extraordinary images of people engaged in the small, often dark dramas of life that make up about half the show.The oft-reinforced cardboard-cutout image of Bonnard (1867-1947) is of a painter who made lovely pictures of domestic life and idyllic landscapes; one essay in the voluminous exhibition catalog puts the burden of that characterization on the art historian Charles Terrasse, Bonnard’s nephew, who claimed that his uncle “wished to paint only happy things.” If you know anything about Bonnard, you probably know that he was a Post-Impressionist who, along with Édouard Vuillard, Maurice Denis and others, formed an esoteric group calling itself Les Nabis (the Prophets) in the early 1890s.The Portrait Background Contest runs on an ongoing basis.


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