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Her graduate thesis work was done at an area high school where she studied the therapeutic effects of songwriting in teenaged children.She then pursued a doctoral degree in Counselling Psychology at Middlesex University in London, UK. Although she's no longer a newsie, she's since discovered other uses for social media such as public relations, marketing, job searching and trying to win gift cards from her favorite local businesses through contests. I have THE BEST boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend ever!!!! A former freelance journalist for notable organizations such as Long Island Newsday, WHYY News Works and the Detroit News, Lane used to utilize various platforms for news promotion and finding stories. To give you a break from the Facebook doting and love stories, I’ve surfed the ‘net to bring some truly awe-worthy social media love stories in honor of Valentine’s Day: Lane Blackmer is a self-employed former journalist. We’ve all heard of online dating, but some folks are dating online without the help of a site tailored to that purpose.The 18,000 number here is not an arbitrary selection: it is the maximum number of tweets that can be fetched at a time by Node XL using the current Twitter API – Node XL caps itself, though data fetches have brought back results in excess of 20,000 tweets.This data is then saved as a Graph ML file, which I process with Gephi, a popular data visualization software that, with the right setup, allows one to easily map out community structures and the connections therein.

This data has four key data points – the tweet, the name of the account doing the tweeting, and the type of action carried out therein – be it a mention or a tweet.

(I’m into redundancy, especially when it comes to backing up data.) Anybody can export the collected tweets from Twapperkeeper as a compressed file, but I’m also posting here my own archives.

The first is an XML file of the over 1,600 tweets marked with the #MLA09 hashtag, dating from November 28, 2009 all the way to just about midnight on December 31, 2009: #MLA09 (I’ve zipped the xml file for easier downloading).

Finding love on the Internet is nothing new — one in 10 Americans have tried online dating, and one-third of U.

Lane inhabits Philadelphia, where's it's not always sunny..at least there's cheese steaks.


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