Negima dating sim

Through an odd twist of fate, Keitaro eventually became the manager of the dorm, beginning his life of living with 5 other girls. From the first moment, I was gripped by this story's violence, drama and slight funniness, s well as the romance, which develops as the story goes on.

So, a young man called Urashima Keitaro suddenly finds himself working as the manager for an all-girls dormitory.

Look no more because Love Hina will SERIOUSLY KILL your time. — Aoyama, Motoko - The very typical "Ice Queen" of the harem.

Chizuru is a girl that loves to have fun any chance she gets.

I think it's pretty cool, and if you like romance/harem anime, this is a definite must-see.

Looking for a romance/comedy/harem anime to kill time?

Author's Foreword to foreign audience: Im so happy that this book can be published internationally!

This story is about an otaku thats been reincarnated to another world and his story thereafter receiving an interesting game-system-like power.

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Knowing his grandmother owned a hotel, Keitaro intended to stay there while continuing his studies for Tokyo U, only to find out the hotel had long been transformed into an all-girls dormitory.A studious high school graduate, she desires to enter Tokyo University to fulfill a promise she made in the past.Naru is reliable, kind, caring, and responsible, In contrast, Naru is characterized by her short temper and physically aggressive nature when irritated.Not only that, she enjoys groping other females breasts and rating them on their size.She doesn’t just do this to random girls but to her female friends as well and finds it completely hilarious, despite their disgust.Yes, you can probably see where that story is going.


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